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Identiti Design Studio

Over a decade of experience

Our team of highly skilled professional in-house designers had the opportunity to work for some of the top leading brands in a wide range of industries such as cars, products, architecture, websites, photography, videos. All these fields feed eachother and enhance our creative vision.

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They trust us.

Some of our references.
A wide range of skills for various types of companies.

Charles Zamolo & Christophe Soulami

Chiefs designers | Co-managing partners

Art, photography & architecture enthusiasts, open to the audiovisual world, Charles and Christophe use these fields as a creative force. The car design industry has forged their multidisciplinarity has been forged in the car design industry and and numerous travels abroad increased their open-minded approach. Perfectionism and attention to detail are key in their philosophy and the complementarity of their profils will provide a complete follow-up. Charles is leading the design development while Christophe takes care of the artistic direction.

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